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Build wealth and equity for the disenfranchised communities through education, real estate ownership and development

Home Buyers

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BBT 101 Homeownership Program assist buyers to becoming homeowners.

Real Estate Developement 

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The City of Albany is plagued by underutilized vacant and abandoned properties. Building Blocks Together plans to purchase, rehab and sell the properties to first time homebuyers to spark revitalization while combating the pertinent threat of gentrification.


About Us

At Building Blocks Together, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity to build wealth through ownership of real estate. For decades government, banking and the real estate industries have combined forces to by in large keep minorities from acquiring and benefitting from the appreciation of real estate, particularly in urban, previously red-lined neighborhoods. Building Blocks Together aims to serve as the primary minority real estate resource that guides individuals from being first time homebuyers to savvy investors.

Our Partners

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Please understand, that was the most informative Home Buying Workshops I have ever attended! Thank you, thank you thank you! You covered everything, everything that my clients asked and need to know. Job well done!”


J. Harrod



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