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3 ways Homeownership Counseling can save you money.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Afraid you won't get the most out of your first home?

Consider enrolling in a first time homebuyers course, or getting counseling from a certified homeownership counselor.

1) Homeownership counseling, like the kind we provide at Building Blocks Together, helps you find out exactly what costs you can expect when buying your first home.

This allows you to avoid surprise expenses that could deplete your savings or sink the deal.

2) A counselor can also assist would-be-buyers with sub par credit get mortgage ready.

Higher credit scores allow you to qualify for more affordable mortgage rates and pay less interest on your home.

3) At #BBT we go a step further by helping you build a strong home buying team to work with through the process. This allows for ease, simplicity, and comfort throughout the home buying experience.

Ready for a personalized 1v1 session with homeownership counselor directly?

Click here:

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