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Restorative Housing Justice Fund


The Reparative Housing Justice Fund (RHJF) works to undo historic and systemic racial injustice and inequality in the Capital Region’s housing community. Discriminatory housing policies, such as redlining and exclusionary zoning, and discriminatory practices by banks and realtors have denied Black families access to homeownership. The Touhey Foundation acknowledges the barriers Black homebuyers face in the market along with the historic and systemic causes and seeks to provide funding to black homebuyers to overcome these barriers.


  1. First Time Homebuyer

  2. Identify as African American or Black

  3. Property purchased must be located:

  4. City of Albany, City of Amsterdam, City of Schenectady,

  5. City of Rensselaer, City of Troy, City of Watervliet


Use of Funds:

Down-payment/ closing cost assistance

Award Amount:

City of Albany: Up to $10,000

Rest of Capital Region: Up to $5,000


More Information:



We will be diligently working with vendors throughout the Capital Region over the next few months to ensure compliance so the grant can continue to be administered in a way that yields the greatest impact and be restored to its original form by 2023. In order to best serve your real estate clients during this period of reorganizing, please use BCNI, TRIP & ACDA as primary grant resources.



Grant requirements have changed slightly. Refer to the RHJF Fact Sheet for all changes.

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SONYMA DPAL Program – In conjunction with a SONYMA loan, receive up to 3% of the purchase price of the home (up to $15,000). In the Capital Region, SONYMA income limits are generous. You may earn up to $97,000 for a 1-2 person household and up to $111,550 for a 3+ person household. Learn more at SONYMA’s website.

SONYMA Neighborhood Revitalization Program – If you plan to purchase a vacant home to own and occupy, SONYMA offers up to $20,000 toward renovations. Eligible homes in the Capital Region to be located in Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Warren or Washington counties. Generous income limits. Visit the SONYMA website for details.

The Give Us Credit Program – This program qualifies eligible first-time homebuyers by expanding the criteria used to evaluate responsible financial management, increasing eligibility to families and individuals who rely on non-traditional savings and sources of income, and by offering greater flexibility for potential borrowers who have overcome past financial hardships. Generous income limits. Visit the SONYMA website for details.

Homebuyer Grant Programs

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ACRHA Acquisition/Rehabilitation Grant – The Albany County Rural Housing Alliance provides first-time buyers with a grant for acquisition and repairs.  The award amount depends on amount of repair needed as 51% of the grant funds must be used toward rehabilitation costs.

  • Eligible areas are throughout Albany County.

  • For more information on this and other grants offered by the organization, contact ACRHA at (518) 765-2425. Application forms and details are available on ACRHA’s website.

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Home Acquisition Program (HAP)

HAP may help you own your dream home by assisting you with down payment, closing costs and/or rehab assistance. 

Homeowner Assistance Program (HOAP)

HOAP provides financial assistance to owner-occupied homeowners anywhere in the City of Albany. If you are in need of home improvements--such as new windows, doors, roof, or furnace. 

Tenant Assistance Rehabilitation Program (TARP) provides financial assistance for moderate rehabilitation of vacant or occupied rental units that serve low-income residents.  Inquire with ACDA about your eligibility. 

HUD income limits* apply.


Contact the Albany Community Development Agency (518) 434-5265 or visit  Check availability.


Town of Colonie Down Payment Program – The Town of Colonie provides $14,000 for down payment and closing costs for the purchase of a single family home in the Town of Colonie, or villages of Colonie or Menands. This is a deferred loan that becomes a grant if you occupy the home for a period of 10 years.

  • Home must be in good condition at time of purchase and meet HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

  • HUD income limits apply.

  • To be placed on their waiting list, contact the Colonie Community Development office at (518) 783-2718 or


Schenectady Second Mortgage Program – The Schenectady Housing Development Fund Corporation provides up to 10% of the purchase price of a home in the city of Schenectady to be used for down payment or closing costs. 75% of the assistance is forgiven after 5 years of owner occupancy. Remainder is repaid with a five year amortization. The property must be in standard condition and pass a Certificate of Occupancy inspection. Some details are:


Schoharie County Rural Preservation Company – Be sure to check availability. Schoharie RPC offers first-time homebuyer grants and/or repair grants through three home purchase assistance programs. Details are:

  • Applicants must meet income guidelines. Funds can be used for downpayment and closing, and rehabilitation monies to address health and safety hazards in the home.

  • Call for details, eligibility and availability:
    (518) 234-7604.


HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program

The HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program provides qualified homebuyers with up to $40,000 toward the down payment or closing costs on a 1-4 family home, a condominium, or a cooperative in one of the five boroughs of New York City.

For more information, visit HPD's Website


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